Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

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    Information we collect

    For every visitor to the D’Agostino Agency Insurance website, the web servers recognize IP addresses, consumer domain identities and some information regarding the internet connection used for statistical purposes and information security analysis.

    The servers collect e-mail addresses of those who send us emails as well as aggregate and user-specific information regarding which pages were accessed/visited, consumer-provided information like site registration and survey information, telephone number, fax, address and other personal information offered.

    Information collected is solely for purposes of content and layout customization for every visitor at our site. D’Agostino Agency Insurance neither shares nor sells any user-specific information for any purpose whatsoever. We maintain all user information at the highest level of confidentiality.

    Cookies: The site uses cookies to record user preferences and past activity in order to offer a better experience when visitors make return visits as well as to customize the site and content according to information offered by the user or the browser type.

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    How we use information

    Users who give their postal addresses will periodically receive mailings containing information on upcoming events or new products and/or services. If you would not want to receive such mailings, write to us using the postal address offered in the contact page within this site.

    Users who give their telephone contact information may receive calls from our employees regarding new products/services, accounts inquiries and/or future events. To opt out of these calls, also write to us at the public postal address provided in the contacts page.

    As and when need arises, customer information may be applied to new and unforeseen applications not indicated in the privacy notification. We update in time information practice changes to the privacy policy notice on the site, and users are free to opt out of the applications.

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    Information security

    D’Agostino Agency Insurance has instituted appropriate measures to safeguard our physical facilities from misuse, alteration and loss of user information collected from this website. Please refer to the terms of service for information regarding liability extent for security breaches.

    D’Agostino Agency Insurance website applies prescribed encryption algorithms for transfer of sensitive data to prevent unauthorized access to financial, proprietary and personal information where applicable.

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    Information release

    On request, site users can receive access to all information (user proprietary information included) maintained about them and/or their clients, including contact information held in our records about them. Users may gain access to this information by writing to us at the address provided within the contacts page on this site.

    We consider all personal given by clients of D’Agostino Agency Insurance among them, company contact details, client information and any other information transmitted from/to D’Agostino Agency Insurance from/to its clients to be confidential.

Refunds and Cancellations

Policy changes
  • Once a policy is in effect, no vehicle changes are permissible.
  • Changes permissible after enforcement of a policy only apply to personal data i.e. name, address, contact details etc.
  • Policy holders may change/update their account information upon establishing contact by logging in to the secure customer server
Policy refunds
  • The insurer or insured party may cancel any insurance contract, but this must be IN WRITING.
  • Daily policy refunds are determined according to the number of days used.
  • Annual policy refunds are convertible to a daily rate, after which we charge a customer for days used.
  • Annual policies are fully earned by the 15th day following the date of policy enforcement