Restaurant Insurance

Restaurant Insurance


Restaurant owners face many challenges in the course of running their business; a fact we understand well at D’Agostino Agency Insurance. We have taken it upon ourselves to help restaurant owners protect themselves and their businesses by offering them customized insurance policies.

We offer various options from which different types restaurants can choose. These options include:

  • Company-owned restaurants
  • Franchised chains restaurants
  • Food management service provides
  • Fast foods or quick service restaurant types
  • Restaurants owned by family
  • Cafes, bars, delis and diner
Restaurant Insurance

Popular Restaurant Insurance Policies

As a restaurant owner, you have the opportunity of insuring your business through many customized insurance policy options. However, below are those that are more popular and those that most restaurant owners use.

  • 1

    Business Property Insurance

    This form of coverage protects you in case a disaster such as fire, windstorms, hailstones or other calamities that happen and cause damage to your building or your machinery. The coverage is also inclusive of contents of the building such as fixtures and furniture.
  • 2

    Business Liability Insurance

    Business Liability Insurance protects you in case of accidents, injuries or mistakes happening at your restaurant. It also covers any claims against your restaurant by a client who may have sustained harm after eating food at your restaurant. Claims of tainted food are rather common in food businesses.
Business Property Insurance
  • 3

    Business Crime Insurance

    When you run a restaurant, it is common to face issues of theft, robbery and forgery from your employees. Business crime insurance protects you in case these incidences happen within or outside your restaurant causing you financial losses or any other form of loss.
  • 4

    Workers Compensation

    You may have put safety measures in place for your restaurants, but accidents can still happen to your employees. With such an occurrence, the workers compensation will protect you and provide cover for the accidents or illness costs.
  • 5

    Equipment Breakdown Coverage

    This coverage will protect your equipment if there is an error by the operator, in case of burnout, if your equipment breaks down and problems resulting from power surges.
Food Truck Insurance
  • 6

    Business Income Coverage

    In the course of running your restaurant business, you might encounter losses and the only way out is to close down your business. If you take this option, you will have protection against the losses that will come with the closure of your restaurant business.
  • 7

    Utility Services and Spoilage Coverage

    In a situation when there is interruption of utility services, utility services coverage and spoilage coverage will protect you from any losses incurred from a ruined inventory.

You can also seek other specialized insurance coverage as well for your restaurant business depending on what your services are. Other options that you can include are the food truck insurance, liquor liability insurance and business auto insurance.

Business Income Coverage
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