Personal Watercraft Insurance

Personal Watercraft Insurance


Personal watercraft (PWC) such as WaveRunners and Jet Skis are more like a hybrid of motorbikes and boats. They present a whole new dimension to water sports and water recreational activities. However, these water vehicles present risks that you should not ignore. You could easily sustain injury as you use such PWC. What next? In case the Jet Ski sustains damage, breaks or is in need of towing, what do you do?

Such cases are a perfect example of why you need to insure your PWC. A specialized and personalized insurance of these water vehicles guarantees that you will get coverage in cases of unfortunate eventualities. Your homeowners insurance is not specialized enough to cover your WaveRunner or Jet Ski. D’Agostino Agency Insurance is here to help you find and secure the best and most extensive PWC insurance cover at an affordable price.

PersonalWatercraft Insurance

What is PWC Insurance

PWC insurance, covers you and your watercraft from accidents, injuries or any unfortunate outcomes for you or the water craft vehicle, whether you are the one riding it or someone else. Such an insurance coverage will result in you enjoying your favorite water sport with a clear conscious leading to a more relaxing and fun experience.

Watercraft Coverage

  • Physical damage to your watercraft or the dock - you will be protected against dock damage
  • The insurance covers you in case you damage another watercraft
  • You are covered against any injury to a third person due to negligent conduct
  • Liability and Negligence - insured against negligence of any person who uses your watercraft
  • Accident wrecks removal or towing - cover the cost of towing water skiers who use your PWC
  • Cover against the death of a third party due to negligence
  • Insure any damage to your machine, equipment or hull
  • You get coverage against injury of a person with no insurance cover
  • Breakdown services to a broken-down watercraft
  • Pollution caused by you or the water vehicle
  • Medical cover
  • High liability payment limit
  • Sporting liability

We do not insure speed enhanced PWC as well as persons whose license does not include the watercraft.

Personal Watercraft

Optional Coverage's

In addition to our highly recommended insurance policies, we also offer a variety of optional coverages to help you get the best tailor-made insurance for your water vehicle. Only liability coverage will help you pay for damages and injury to the other party. Insure permanent accessories on your PWC such as the windscreen is also an optional cover that you can have. Having uninsured watercraft coverage will protect you from an accident with other water vehicles that are not insured. You can also have a towing and assistance coverage and personal property as your optional coverage.

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D’Agostino Agency Insurance covers a variety of personal watercraft's ranging from the Yamaha standing craft to the Sea-Doo's that you sit down. Contact us today for a free quotation on an affordable PWC insurance coverage. Our team is dedicated to finding you the best market prices to ensure that you get the best and most affordable insurance package.

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