Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance


No matter what type of business you are in, your commercial vehicle is exposed to various types of risks. Think about bad weather on a particular day, for example. Your vehicle can be damaged by hail or storm. There are many other causes of road accidents that can result in total or partial loss of your commercial vehicle. Some of these are:

  • Bad road conditions
  • Human errors by your drivers or third party drivers
  • Any accidental damage to your vehicle

Any kind of third party bodily injury or property damage caused by one of your commercial vehicles can affect your business in a negative way.

Commercial Vehicle

Commercial Auto Insurance Coverage

D’Agostino Agency Insurance will cover all vehicles rented, leased or owned by a business owner. We have a tailor made commercial auto insurance package for your business needs. It doesn’t matter the business you are in. From private car insurance to commercial truck insurance.

Our commercial auto insurance will cover any vehicle that you use for business, so it doesn’t matter whether you own one business vehicle or you have a fleet of trucks.At D’Agostino Agency Insurance, we can tailor make your commercial auto insurance policy to your specific needs.

Road Accidents

Commercial Auto Insurance Policies

  1. Comprehensive coverage - this will cover damages to your vehicle, whether it’s a partial or total loss as a result of accidental damage. Comprehensive coverage will also cover any third party bodily injury or property damage.
  2. Third party property damage – We will cover third party damage caused by your driver or as a result of your business activities.
  3. Bodily injury to third parties – our commercial auto insurance will pay for any bodily injury to third parties as a result of your business activities or as a result of an accident by one of your vehicles.
  4. Legal and defense costs – these will also be paid. If you incur medical or legal costs as a result of a vehicle accident, we will pay for that as well.
Private Car Insurance

Types of Commercial Auto Insurance

D’Agostino Agency Insurance carries a wide variety of policies for your business vehicles.

  • Van insurance for your commercial vans
  • We insure commercial trucks and trailers
  • We have a specific option for SUVs
  • If you own towing trucks, we have tailor made insurance for such vehicles
  • All vehicles used for business purposes
Commercial Truck Insurance

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Your business can come to a standstill if you do not have insurance and suffer a big claim. Accidents can happen. It doesn’t matter how risk conscious your drivers are. What if a third party causes an accident or an unfortunate event happens? Taking out commercial auto insurance means you do not have to worry about your future operations. We will pay out your commercial auto insurance claims on time.

We have the perfect insurance for your business car or fleet of cars.

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