On Water Towing Insurance

On Water Towing Insurance

It is very infuriating when you come across austere challenges during your family boating trip. In addition, you can’t find a towboat to tow the disabled boat and at an affordable price. The journey of towing your boat to the shore is also an equal challenge, and you may require support.

D’ Agostino Agency Insurance is at your service if you happen to run out of gas unexpectedly, if you find yourself stuck or if you make an accident. All you need is to buy our on-water towing policies.

On Water Towing Insurance

If you want to draw your boat to the shore with ease, then you require getting our boat towing coverage policy that comes in two types.

  • Boat Salvage Insurance

    Salvage insurance covers the boat in case it is totaled, and our premium charges are a percentage of the value of your boat.
  • Boat Towing Coverage

    This insurance is ideal for the minor occurrences, such as a boater running out of gas and needs drawing back to the shore. You will learn from your towing policy that charges for towing are per hour.
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Whenever you run into a tragedy or a minor inconvenience by the failure of the boat and you carry our insurance, we will assist you in the following two ways:

  • 1 We will cover any emergency labor that you may require when you are on the water and deliver the following to you:
    • Gasoline
    • Oil
    • Replacement parts
    • Batteries
    • Jump starts
  • 2 We will also ensure that your boat is towed to the closest and best facility for any repairs required.

Our D’Agostino Agency Insurance experts will assist you when towing your disabled boat to the repair facilities and interestingly, you can make your choice about the same.

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Roadside Assistance Insurance

We provide you with roadside assistance if you experience any problems when towing your broken boat. You, therefore, have sufficient reason to buy our roadside towing insurance policy, giving you a peace of mind when towing your boat.

Our roadside towing policy extends to the tow boat transporting your boat. So, even if another insurance company covers the tow boat, it should not be a bother to you.

The policy does not only cover the towing expenses, but also include the labor incurred from the time of disablement of the tow boat due to any of the following reasons:

  • 1Mechanical or electrical breakdown
  • 2Battery failure
  • 3Flat tire
  • 4Insufficient supply of gas, water or oil
  • 5Stolen, lost or lockout keys
  • 6Entangled in the mud or snow
Boat Towing Coverage

Some insurance companies out there will only cover the outlays of towing your boat if it breaks down, but fail to include the essential road assistance. At D’Agostino Agency Insurance, we combine both so that you don’t run into more troubles than you already have.

We have an excellent customer service unit that will assist you whenever you may require assistance, whether it is to make inquiries or any other kind of help.

Boat Roadside Assistance
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