Manufacturer Insurance

Manufacturer Insurance

Manufacturers have plenty to worry about considering the dynamics of their business. There’s material viability and delivery, shipment of products and ensuring the company stays profitable. D’Agostino Agency Insurance has created a concrete and tailored manufacturer insurance to ensure that you do not have to worry about all this, keeping your business and clients both safe. We cover you against product recall, customer claims, and equipment and machinery breakdown.

Manufacturer Insurance Coverage

Each business presents its unique risk that the owner should be ready to cover. Such risks include:

Business Property Insurance

This type of insurance coverage is a more inclusive kind of cover as it protects your business from a variety of incidences. These frequencies range from the location of your company, equipment of the enterprise, your business inventory, weather calamities, and fire. Your business is safe with the peace of mind that you are protected from all unfortunate eventualities.

Manufacturer Insurance

Business Liability Insurance

In manufacturing, industrial accidents are frequent due to the machinery and all the dynamics that come with the business. Business liability insurance covers your company from any damages or injuries sustained to your customers on your premises or from your product. The insurance protects you from lawsuits and any legal actions that the aggrieved may take.

Workers Compensation Insurance

The manufacturing sector is required to cover their employees by law from a work-related injury, illness or worker accidents. The manufacturing industry is quite labor intensive, and you probably have a good number of employees at your company. D’Agostino Agency Insurance offers the best worker compensation insurance ranging from medical cover while offering partial employee lost wages. We ensure that your employees are well taken care of while at the same time taking care of you and your business during this period.

Business Owners Policy

Our BOP offers comprehensive cover for your manufacturing business in one wholesome yet affordable policy. The package includes general liability insurance that covers your business from any accidents or injuries sustained by people with or without affiliation to your company. Your company is covered from any accidents that come about from building damage, or any other unfortunate eventualities.

Business Property Insurance

Manufacturers Insurance for Vehicles

D’Agostino Agency Insurance has tailor-made policies specifically designed for the company’s automobiles. We understand that the business vehicles are susceptible to quicker depreciation due to frequent road use and road risk, thus we cover your business vehicles accordingly. We cover the whole range of business vehicles: trucks, pickups and even vans. We study your company and come up with the most comprehensive coverage to accommodate all your firm’s vehicles.

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How secure is your business from the unforeseeable future? What steps have you taken to protect yourself against injury to a client who uses your products? What if your vehicle gets into an accident with an insured vehicle? What about when your employee gets injured on the job? What do you do if your machinery breaks down? D’Agostino Agency Insurance has you covered with the best and most comprehensive insurance policies to guarantee your business security. Contact D’Agostino Agency Insurance for a free quotation of the most affordable rates in the market.

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