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Boat Insurance

Just like a home or vehicle, boats also need reliable protection. We offer specialized boat coverage for whichever type of boat you own.

 Renters Insurance

Renters insurance protects you from accidents, theft, fires or damage to property while living in your rental. The owner’s insurance coverage is usually basic and only includes the building.

 Home Insurance

Every homeowner should have his or her home and property protected from potential risks that can lead to loss or damage of the property. Protect one of your biggest investments.

Motorcycle Insurance

Bikes can be a convenient way of maneuvering through traffic, and to keep you safe, D’Agostino Agency Insurance has a policy that ensures that you and your bike are protected under all circumstances.

Auto Insurance

We can help you get the best coverage considering your budget, and the whole process only takes a short amount of time. We offer a variety of coverages to suit every need.

 Business Owners Policy

A Business Owner's Policy is an insurance package targeting small and mid-sized businesses from all major property and liabilities risks.

Life Insurance

With D’Agostino Agency Insurance, you can now have peace of mind knowing that those who depend on you financially will be taken care of simply by taking a life insurance policy.

Life Insurance

What you need is a classic and collector car insurance provider that understands how you feel about your collectible car. We can offer you a tailor-made coverage that will let you maintain your classic vehicle in perfect showroom condition.

D’Agostino Agency Insurance

Insurance Services You Can Trust


Our company thrives on its reputation for providing the best insurance rates while providing superior customer care. Our company understands the value of our clients; this is why we focus on you entirely and completely. D’Agostino Agency Insurance has the necessary knowledge, tools and experience in everything related to insurance. Backed up by our professionalism, this makes D’Agostino Agency Insurance your ideal insurance partner. Sit back and relax with the surety that our company’s agents do all they can to guide you to whatever coverage you need.

We have a wide range of coverages at D’Agostino Agency Insurance that we offer our customers including:

Contractors Insurance
Professional Liability


Professional liability coverage a is a type of policy that protects you and your business when sued for negligence.

Business Owners Policy


A Business Owner's Policy is an insurance package targeting small and mid-sized businesses from all major property and liabilities risks.

Commercial Insurance

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

This offers a little more protection to your business, enhancing your business security.

Manufacturer Insurance

D'Agostino Agency Insurance understands the manufacturing business and has tailor-made insurance coverages for such businesses.

Commercial Property Insurance

D'Agostino Agency Insurance has the right insurance to protect your actual business, including your assets and business liquidity.

Worker Comp Insurance

This is a mandatory business insurance that aims to protect your employees.

General Liability Insurance

RV Insurance

At D’Agostino Agency Insurance, we have RV insurance coverage for all kinds of recreational vehicles. Whether it is your class A motor home, fifth wheels, truck campers or your class C RV, we can protect them all. We offer specialized RV insurance, and our advice to all RV drivers is to refrain from including your RV into your existing auto policy.

Our RV insurance offers you the specific coverage that is going to benefit you at such a time that you’ll need it. We also give you additional options that personalize your policy, whether you are planning a cross-country trip or even living in your RV on a long-term basis.

Home Insurance

Every homeowner should have his or her home and property protected from potential risks that lead to loss or damage of the property. At D’Agostino Agency Insurance, we have top-notch policies that cover your home, property and structures against risks such as:

  • Smoke and fire
    Smoke and fire
  • Hail storm damage
    Hail storm damage
  • Explosion-related damages
    Explosion-related damages
  • Theft and vandalism
    Theft and vandalism
  • Damages related to riots and civil commotion
    Damages related to riots and civil commotion

Auto Insurance

We have several auto coverage plans that our clients can choose from depending on their needs. Among these are:

Damage liability

This option applies if you are the one at fault for causing an accident. This covers expenses related to the cost of a third party’s property.

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Comprehensive coverage

Such coverage caters for expenses that are related to the damage of your vehicle as a result of theft or vandalism, including instances where your windows and windshield get broken.

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Medical expenses

Bodily injury costs that you are liable for are covered. From hospitalization of a pedestrian you injured to injuries of the driver, our policy covers it all.

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Marine/ Watercraft Insurance

Marine/ Watercraft Insurance

When you go out fishing or boat riding on your personal watercraft or yacht, accidents can happen. To ensure you are protected against losses from that, take a personal watercraft and boat coverage from D’Agostino Agency Insurance. Our coverage has a specific boat policy that considers coverage on your equipment as well as wreck retrieval.

When you are choosing an insurance policy for your marine and watercraft equipment, ensure it is not general coverage like that of your home or cars. The coverage has got to be particular for boats so that you are protected from any potential danger that can get to you while you are on your way to or from the water.

Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance

We know how important your motorcycle is to you, that’s why we have a policy specific for this. From your scooter, sport bike, cruiser bike, dirt bike or whatever type of bike you have, our company offers insurance coverages that is tailored for you.

Our policy covers risks like theft. If that is your case, you will be given a new bike by our insurance company. If some parts of your bike are damaged, our motorcycle insurance coverage can handle the situation by replacing your damaged parts. The policy also covers accidents, vandalism and fires.