Motorcycle Cruiser Insurance

Motorcycle Cruiser Insurance

Cruiser motorcycles are beautiful machines. They are like a cross between a bike and car, offering the power of a motor vehicle with the design and agility of a motorcycle. And they are popular too; about 60% of all motorcycles in the market are cruiser motorcycles and they make up 31.3% of motorcycles on the highway today.

Cruiser motorcycles have captured people’s imaginations since the 1930s. With their exposed, air-cooled V-twin engine, heavy fenders, chrome exhaust pipes and relaxed riding position, these bikes have evolved to represent freedom, adventure and independence. They even have a sub-culture centered on them.

At D’Agostino Agency Insurance , we understand the passion and commitment it takes to buy and maintain a cruiser motorcycle. So we have developed the motorcycle cruiser insurance that takes care of the big picture as well as the smaller details that really matter to you.

Motorcycle Cruiser Insurance

Motorcycle Cruiser

Insurance Coverage

Our insurance policy will take care of the big issues such as:

  • Theft and total damage
    We have the Total Loss Insurance cover package that takes care of you in case your motorcycle is stolen or gets totaled in an accident. This means that you can go out and get an exact replica of your old bike.
  • Motorcycle Bodily injury Coverage
    In case of an accident, you or the third party could sustain some injuries that may require medical attention and could affect your ability to work. We offer coverage for both situations i.e. when you are injured by an uninsured motorist or when you have hurt someone else while riding.
  • Other losses
    If you are in an accident but the bike is not totaled, we will still take care of the cost of motorcycle repair. We will also cover you for damages caused by theft, vandalism, fire and other kinds of damage to your bike. This includes damages caused during winter storage.
Cruiser Motorcycle

We will also take care of what other companies view as ‘little’ issues. These include:

  • Motorcycle Accessories
    Cruiser motorcycle accessories as well as your safety gear can get damaged in one way or another. We provide up to $3,000 worth of cover for this.
  • Motorcycle OEM Parts
    Should these parts be damaged, we will make sure that they are replaced with brand new OEM parts.
  • Customization and paint jobs
    Cruiser motorcycles are designed to reflect your personality. This is done through certain custom jobs and modification as well as paint jobs that often feature intricate designs. At D’Agostino Agency Insurance, we understand how important this is to you, so we offer cover for these jobs in the event of damage.
Total Loss Insurance

Let us walk you through it

While cruiser motorcycles are the most affordable to insure, insurance premium rates are still based on the model, your age, driving record, and experience. D’Agostino Agency Insurance, will walk you through these factors and advise you on the best coverage level for you while finding the most affordable insurance policy for your bike and your budget from the top motorcycle insurance companies.

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