Business Owner's Policy

Business Owner's Policy (BOP)

A report by the U.S Small Business Administration (SBA) reports that over 66% of start-ups do not consider a Business Owner's Policy (BOP) crucial. Well, over 70% of these ventures fail within the first 5 years of launching and it is obvious such protection would have averted such eventuality.

At D’Agostino Agency Insurance, we present to you the most comprehensive list of BOP offers from the best carriers in the country. But that is not all; we go an extra mile to provide as much information about this policy to ensure your enterprise has full protection.

It gets better; this amalgamation of covers into one concrete policy has proven a viable option for most start-ups. A study by Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) shows that over 92% of new businesses that invest in BOP coverage managed to stay afloat despite tough competition.

Business Owners Policy
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What is a Business Owner's Policy?

A Business Owner's Policy is an insurance package targeting small and mid-sized businesses from all major property and liabilities risks. It combines crime protection, commercial general liability insurance in a bundle that offers sufficient business and financial asset assets cover.

In summary, this commercial insurance policy covers:

  • Business property insurance: This protects your own building or one you have leased or rented for your enterprise. Such cover also includes your inventory, furniture, equipment, while also providing coverage for damaged media, computers and even lost accounts receivables documentation.
  • Business liability coverage: A critical aspect of insurance that covers bodily injuries and property damage when your products, services, premises layout or even staff cause harm to another party or their property.
  • Equipment breakdown coverage: This offers protection in case customers hate your business when equipment breaks down leading to loss of business.
  • Loss of business income cover: If business operations stop due to a covered loss your insurance policy helps replace such lost income.
  • Medical expenses coverage: If anyone is injured in a business property you own or lease your BOP cover will cover such damages.
  • Professional liability coverage: Also called errors and omissions cover under BOP it covers any damage claims arising from your professional judgment and expertise in the line of operations. Such cover helps you protect your business from these claims.

At D’Agostino Agency Insurance, we also help you obtain customized BOP quotes covering data loss and breach, inventory loss, personal and copyright injury cover that deals with copyright infringement, slander and libel among other issues.

Business Owner's Policy Coverage

It is a foregone conclusion that your small enterprise faces myriad challenges and BOP provides the most ideal protection. Bundling these covers into one makes it more affordable and you avoid revenue loss when accidents occur as well.

This policy also protects your business against a plethora of unforeseeable circumstances such as slips and falls in the premises. With society being more litigious, you have a comprehensive liability cover that can deal with multiple situations.

Whether a customer sues or an employee files a workplace compensation suit, your Business Owner's Policy has you covered.


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There is no need to jeopardize your treasured investment that you have worked for years to build. Think of all the risks lurking around from fire, workplace accidents, machine failure and many more.

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