Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance


Your business can only be successful through hard work, strategic thinking and making the right decisions. This decision is not simply whether to get insurance but which type of insurance to get for your business. In your business, employees can sustain injuries while operating machinery; a customer may slip, fall and sue you and many other risks may occur within your premises. D’Agostino Agency Insurance offers a range of insurance policies for small to medium sized businesses.

Business Auto Insurance

We offer commercial auto insurance for businesses that have company-operated vehicles. We can cover all kind of vehicles such as vans, trucks and buses with tailored coverage options.

Business Auto Insurance

Commercial General Liability

Commercial general liability insurance is a vital cover that every business owner should get whether for a small or large business. It covers liabilities such as property damage and personal injury.

Commercial Property Insurance

This type of insurance covers the business premises and your inventory from risks such as theft, vandalism and damage due to acts of nature.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

In case you face the risk of liability with claims that surpass the limits of your current liability insurance, you can get commercial umbrella insurance for additional coverage.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Contractor Insurance

As a contractor, there are all sorts of risk including accidents, improper installation and even deadline issues. ABC Insurance covers for contractors include general liability,workers compensation and contractor auto insurance among others.

Wholesalers Insurance

ABC Insurance has customized insurance coverage options to address the unique needs of the wholesale business. We offer a wide range of coverage including property insurance, accounts receivable and many others.

General Liability

Manufacturers Insurance

In case a product is defective or unsafe, the manufacturer can face a lawsuit, which is why you need manufacturer’s insurance coverage.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers compensation insurance is often a requirement of law for any business that has employees. It covers medical costs and lost wages due to work related conditions and injuries.

Manufacturer Insurance
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We can help protect your business’ finances by managing risks associated to daily operations. D’Agostino Agency Insurance has affordable and comprehensive insurance options for all kinds of businesses. Contact us today for some of the most competitive insurance rates tailored to your needs.