Health and Fitness Insurance

Health and Fitness Insurance

It takes a great deal of time, money and energy to establish a health and fitness facility. It’s therefore important for you to protect your investment. Gym, health and fitness insurance policies are designed to do just that.

Consider the Risks

Safety is paramount in a fitness facility. Have you considered the different ways that clients or employees can be hurt while in your facility? What if one of your gym members is seriously injured while using a machine? Gym's can be held liable in such instances.

Did you know that more than 10,000 of daily emergency room cases are sports related? Or that 53,000 sports related injuries are reported annually amongst seniors?

Health and fitness facility insurance policies offer a combination of coverage that is suitable for the unique requirements of such facilities. These policies can be further customized to meet the specific needs of your business. Your investment will be protected from the unique risks it faces. These include risks associated with activities such as:

  • Swimming
  • Weight lifting
  • Whirlpool and jacuzzi
  • Group exercises
  • Courts
  • Suntan booths
  • Martial arts
Health and Fitness Insurance

Health and Fitness Insurance Coverage

Health and fitness facility policies can be customized to meet the specific needs and requirements of your facility. They can provide coverage and the amounts that your facility needs to be fully protected from potential risks. The type of coverage and amount will depend on:

  • the number of employees
  • the size of your facility
  • the type of services you offer
  • the facilities you provide amongst many other factors

Standard health and fitness insurance policies offer the following options for coverage.

Health and Fitness Insurance Coverage

Health and Fitness Liability Insurance

This covers as many possible risks that are associated with your facility as possible.

  • Employees' practices:
    This protects the facility if the business is accused of applying poor practices such as harassment or discrimination.
  • General liability:
    This covers property damage or injuries that your facility may be found responsible for.
  • Product liability:
    This covers risks that are related to any products that your facility sells such as nutritional supplements.
  • Professional liability:
    This covers risks that occur as a result of omissions or errors by your staff such as advice that leads to the injury of a client.
Health and Fitness Liability Insurance

Workers Compensation

This insurance policy covers work related injuries and illnesses that your employees may experience. These have to be directly related to their work place or activities. The policy covers the loss of wages.

Health and Fitness Property Insurance

This is considered a stand-alone policy. However, it is usually taken as an endorsement or rider for other insurance policies that the business has taken. It covers the breakdown of equipment.

Specialized Health and Fitness Facility Insurance

If you offer training for high impact sports such as boxing or martial arts, you face various special risks. Specialized insurance policies will help protect your facility against liabilities associated with the contact sport.

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