Farm Package Insurance

Farm Package Insurance

Your equine business needs to be adequately and appropriately covered by the best insurance company. When you are fully covered, your business becomes easy to run. You need not be in the equine business to purchase a horse protection policy. You can also buy one for your personal horse. That is why we, as D’Agostino Agency Insurance, are there for this service.

Through our assistance, you will get a comprehensive equine farm coverage that will protect your equine mortality, home, farm horse and other properties. Most importantly, we make sure that you get the best deal when it comes to on and off premises horse operations.

Our comprehensive farm package insurance policy ensures that you are covered against liabilities arising from the following horse activities:

  • Horse shows
  • Breeding
  • Boarding and training
Farm Liability Coverage

Farm Coverage

We have an experienced staff at D’Agostino Agency Insurance that will enlighten you on the best farm package policy that fits your needs. All in all, the best cover must at least contain one or all of the following three types of covers.

  • 1Property related buildings
    These include:
    • Barns
    • Stables
    • Hay sheds and arenas
  • 2Farm personal property
    • Farm machinery
    • Tracks
    • Equipment, hay and feed
  • 3Personal dwellings
Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Additional farm coverage options

Equipment Breakdown Coverage

We ensure that your equine business does not stall due to equipment breakdown through this cover. The cover is meant to compensate you for any losses that may accrue as a result of machinery breaking down. The cost of repairing or replacing the damaged equipment is also included in this cover.

Loss of Use

Loss of use is also important since you can claim for compensation when your horse is permanently incapacitated to perform its duty. This cover is also open for other livestock that you rear together with your horses. Extra expenses and resulting business income are also included in the loss of use policy.

Spoilage Coverage

Spoilage coverage is a cover that will protect you when your horse food and other supplies spoil.

Farm Coverage

Equine Mortality Insurance

One of the most important covers that we highly recommend is the equine mortality coverage. This cover gives you the authority to ask for compensation for your horse if it happens to die. You need this cover because you never know when an accident will strike your lovely horse.

Farm LiabilityCoverage

There are always many activities that take place in your equine farm. Mishaps will always happen and thus the need for you to stay covered against them. The clients who visit your farm, your workers and any other person who visits your farm, could get hurt.

This cover protects you from several financial harm threats. One area that the cover has proven to be helpful is through paying your litigation costs. Some lawsuit fines or even processes could cost you a big fortune drawing your business back. This happens in cases where you are required to compensate some injured third party persons or damaged property.

The main aim of a farm package insurance is to protect yourself from major setbacks that could harm your business heavily. Why don’t you give us a call today and get a free farm package insurance quote to avoid all this?

Spoilage Coverage