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How about insuring your recreational home so that you continue living in a worry-free world? Your motor home is equally valuable just like your home. You need coverage for both your belongings and passengers in case of an accident. D’Agostino Agency Insurance will give you a variety of coverage choices for your RV.

Different from your vehicle, your RV needs a more comprehensive cover. Since a motor home serves you two purposes, as a home and a vehicle, it requires an all-inclusive coverage. The kind of policies we sell to you offer the best cover for your RV compared to other general auto policies.

RV Collision Insurance

Time and money are very precious to any human being. D’Agostino Agency Insurance looks for high-notch insurance companies that offer you RV coverage that rhymes with your budget. We also make sure that the process of acquiring a cover takes the least time possible. Some of the common types of recreational vehicle policies that the insurance companies offer include:

Full Time RV Insurance
Below are the Motorhome Insurance Coverage's that We Offer

Full Time RV Insurance

This coverage is similar to a regular home policy, meaning that the RV is your primary residence. The following are some of the coverage that we offer:

  • Full Timer’s loss assessment
  • Storage sheds contents
  • Full timer’s personal liability
  • Full timer’s medical payments to others
  • Liability coverage
RV Insurance

Liability coverage is an essential insurance policy that every state requires an automobile to have. The cover pays for damages to a third party’s property and any injuries sustained by a third party if you are at fault. The liability coverage does not cover your RV or you as a person.

In addition, the coverage includes the following:

  • Legal defense in case of a litigation
  • Expenses spent to repair public property such as lamp posts, bridges, homes, among others
  • Funeral expenses in case of death
  • Lost earnings, among others.
Fifth Wheel Insurance

RV Collision Insurance

This policy helps you pay for repairs if you cause an accident with your motorhome. The cause could be anything such as hitting motionless objects but not animals. The good thing about our collision coverage is that it pays even without considering who was at fault.

Accessories Coverage

Our top-ranked insurance company will cover all your RV accessories that other insurance companies would not cover. Your motor home antennas, satellite dishes and other accessories will be fully covered.

RV Collision Insurance

Personal Items Insurance

In case of an accident, the insurance company will be able to replace all your personal stuff if you have this policy. These could be your RV tools and other personal effects.

Total Loss Insurance

Total loss policy comes in three types of coverage: Actual cash value replacement, total loss and agreed value replacement for your RV. The esteemed insurance companies give you a brand new RV if it is written off within the first five model years.

Personal Items Insurance
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