Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance


You are the owner of your home - a valued and valuable possession. Making sure it is protected is going to be your duty, and D’Agostino Agency Insurance will be your partner in making sure that your home and a big portion of your total worth is covered by homeowners insurance.

Having a homeowners insurance policy is a hugely important part in owning a home. Getting a homeowners insurance from D’Agostino Agency Insurance will give your home an all-around protection. You can also incorporate it together with your mortgage payments. A majority of lenders and financiers actually make having adequate homeowners insurance a requirement before someone can get a mortgage.

Types of Homeowners Insurance

What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover

There are various homeowners insurance policies and each one of these is unique in its own way. Nevertheless, a standard homeowners insurance policy will offer the following:

  • Wide coverage for damages to your home, with the exception of damage caused by something explicitly excluded.
  • The coverage of structures on your property such as a shed or a swimming pool.
  • The coverage of personal property in your home, up to the specified limits.
  • Limited coverage for certain specific items such as jewelry, art and the like.
  • Liability protection against legal responsibilities for the injuries or damage to property incurred to you and your family by other people.
  • Provision of your living expenses whenever a covered disaster such as fire leaves you homeless
  • Additional coverage options for valuable personal items on your property and in your home. You can add optional coverage, such as replacement cost for personal effects, higher limits of liability for bodily harm, coverage of electronics and so on at additional fees.
What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover

Homeowners Insurance Discounts

It might come as a surprise to you, but there are many discounts available make homeowners insurance more and more affordable. Here are some of the homeowners discounts that you could qualify for:

  • Multi-Line Discount:

    Buy the homeowners insurance together with auto insurance and get discounts on both premiums.

  • Home Discounts:

    Install devices such as fire and burglar alarms and other preventative measures and save substantially on home insurance premiums.

  • Higher Deductible = Lower Premium:

    If you raise your deductible, that can also lower your premiums but it will increase out-of-pocket costs for covered losses.

Homeowners Insurance Discount

Types of Homeowners Insurance

There are various types of homeowners insurance policies designed to protect you against a range of circumstances. Below are what the most basic homeowners policy is going to offer coverage for:

  • Theft
  • Vandalism or malicious acts
  • Fire and smoke
  • Lightning
  • Explosion
  • Civil unrest or riots
  • Windstorms and hail damage
  • Broken glass that is part of the home
  • Loss of personal property as a result of covered perils
Homeowners Insurance Types

With an upgrade to your policy, which we can facilitate at D’Agostino Agency Insurance, you can get protection against other dangers such as:

  • Accidental leakage, discharge or overflow of water from plumbing and appliances such as heating and air conditioning systems
  • Snow or ice weight damage
  • Damage of frozen plumbing and appliances
  • Collapse of building
  • Falling objects such as trees
  • Cracking, tearing and other forms of damage of hot water systems and appliances
  • A host of other dangers with the exception of floods, earthquakes, wars and nuclear accidents
Homeowners Insurance Upgrade
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Before you request a quote on your homeowners insurance, prepare a list of everything that you own. This is going to help you, with guidance from us, choose the most adequate level of coverage that suits you best. Let us help you protect your home, property and personal possessions. D’Agostino Agency Insurance is going to do all the market comparison shopping for you to find the best homeowners insurance policy for you at a price that you can afford.