Everyone Should have Insurance: 5 Basic Policies

Collecting assets and property is an important goal for many people. However, once you have those assets and property, you want to ensure to take the proper steps to protect them in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Because many different factors can put your assets at risk, it is imperative that you have the right type of insurance policies in place.

Health Insurance

Many relatively healthy people do not regularly consider the always-rising costs of health care. However, a serious illness or injury can occur when you least expect it and you can suddenly require treatment that can quickly drain your savings. Paying the cost of health insurance is definitely worth it in case a major health event occurs.

Car Insurance

Not only is it wise to have car insurance, but it is required by law in New York and New Jersey. Even if you do not care about damage to your vehicle, an auto accident can result in serious injuries to other motorists. If you do not have adequate insurance coverage, you could face a costly lawsuit. Not only should you always have car insurance, but you should have enough to protect your assets in the event of an accident.

Homeowner’s Insurance

Choosing the right policy to protect your home will depend on the location of your home and the risks of damage in your area. For example, if you are in a high-flood area, you want to ensure you have adequate flood coverage. You want to ensure that your policy will cover not only the rebuilding of the house but also replacing the items inside your house that you lost, as replacing all of your personal property can be extremely expensive.

Long-term Disability Insurance

It is never pleasant to think about becoming disabled, however, it can happen to anyone. If you are unable to work due to a disability, you will need a way to support yourself and your family. Long-term disability coverage can provide benefits that will help you pay your bills and support your lifestyle if you cannot earn a living.

Life Insurance

While it is also never comfortable to think about your death, you want to ensure that your children, spouse, and other loved ones are protected if something should happen to you. You want to have a policy that will not only cover the costs of your funeral and burial, but that will further replace the income you would have contributed to the household.

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