What is 5th Wheel Insurance?

Many people use recreational vehicles (RVs) and campers to travel the country with their own lodging in tow. Certain RVs are referred to as “5th Wheel” vehicles, as they are connected by a coupling with an additional wheel. This design can add extra room in an RV and are therefore popular if you own the right pickup truck to tow this type of vehicle.

Too many 5th Wheel owners may assume that their auto insurance policy will cover their RV, as well. After all, they are towing it behind their truck, which is covered by their auto policy. However, most auto policies do not provide adequate coverage for 5th Wheel trailers. Because these RVs can be worth a lot of money and can have significant appliances and personal property inside, you want to ensure that you have enough coverage in case an accident or event damages your RV.

Insurance policies that are specific 5th Wheel vehicles can cover the following and more:

  • Damage caused by collisions and crashes, storms, lightning, fires, vandalism, hail, landslides, and similar events;
  • Protection for satellite dishes, awnings, or any exterior accessories or additions;
  • Coverage for when you are using the RV as a residence and you are parked instead of driving down the road;
  • Protection for personal property inside the RV that is damaged or destroyed;
  • Towing and roadside assistance if the 5th Wheel gets a flat tire or is otherwise inoperable;
  • Special coverage for people who use their 5th Wheel as a residence on a full-time basis.

Purchasing a comfortable and convenient 5th Wheel can be a huge investment and you do not want to risk spending thousands of dollars if something happens to your RV. It is always a wise idea to talk to a knowledgeable insurance agent who understands the options available for different types of recreational vehicles, including 5th Wheels.

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Traveling the country with an RV can be an exciting way to see different sights and always have the comforts of home with you. Whether you purchased a 5th Wheel for family trips or for your retirement, you want to protect your investment and make your traveling lifestyle as worry-free as possible. At the D’Agostino Insurance Agency in New Jersey, our agents can inform you of your different options when it comes to auto and 5th Wheel insurance policies and coverage. Please call us today for free quote.