Motorcycle Insurance

Ahh, motorcycles…the wind in your hair, the thrill of the ride, the revving up of the engine…the insurance policy plan? While planning for the worst may not be part of your motorcycle daydream, looking ahead to protect yourself is an important part of any joyride that you don’t want to turn into a nightmare.

If you don’t get insurance…some risk-loving motorcyclists will opt not to get motorcycle insurance and take their chances with getting pulled over and hit with fines. If you are in an accident, however, this can be a dangerous move, even if the collision was through no fault of your own! Without any insurance coverage, you are limited to collecting only economic damages, and are precluded from collecting on pain and suffering damages—including any medical bills or property damages, or loss of earning potential. Additionally, you are opening yourself up to the possibility of being hit by another individual who also doesn’t have insurance, making it highly unlikely that you will ever be able to collect for the damages you sustained.

If you take the cheap route…okay, so we understand it’s important to have some insurance—but why pay for the fancy premiums? Say you commit to the lowest common denominator of motorcycle insurance, just the minimum of what the law allows. This will keep you from getting those pesky fines if pulled over, but if you are in a collision, you will be watching the bills pile up before your eyes, often far higher than your minimal coverage will even touch. Don’t rely on a last-ditch effort of bankruptcy, either; new federal laws are making it increasingly more difficult to ‘wipe your debts’. While it may be enough on paper, most minimal coverage will not even begin to put a dent into outrageous hospital bills or sometimes even property damage issues. At that point, you’ll have been both paying for ongoing insurance and then still forking out a considerable amount out of pocket when it comes down to a sticky situation.

If you opt for comprehensive coverage…you will be buying both your coverage for a collision or damaging event, as well as the peace of mind for the hopefully many months when you do not need to use it. Having a plan with a higher limit of coverage will mean that you can rest assured that an expensive injury, including head trauma or paralysis—sadly not uncommon for motorcyclists—will be covered. While none of us would like to think about leaving massive debts for our loved ones to handle, without proper insurance coverage this may be the reality you are facing. Note as well that the premiums for this high-quality coverage are also not as expensive as you would anticipate, and are in reality quite reasonable for the extent that they cover.

Getting the best coverage available at an affordable price is our specialty here at D’Agostino Insurance Agency, and we want to help you be a part of that as well. For a free consultation about getting New Jersey motorcycle insurance with us, give us a call today at 609-561-8404. You’ll be glad you did.