Insuring Scooters: Difference between Motorcycles and Scooters

Many people purchase scooters for many reasons. Like motorcycles, scooters make it easy to get around town, find parking, and can save you hundreds of dollars in fuel costs. Scooters can be easier to learn to ride than motorcycles, due to differences in engine size, power, and the fact that scooters generally will have an automatic transmission. However, scooters generally cannot be operated on streets with high speeds or heavy traffic.

Scooters generally range from about 50cc to 150cc and each type of engine has its own requirements. For example, New Jersey does not require any special license endorsement or training to operate a 49cc scooter, though there are limitations on which roads you can or cannot lawfully operate this size of scooter. It is important to know the laws and requirements regarding your specific type of scooter and it is imperative to have proper insurance coverage no matter what size scooter.

The good news is that scooter insurance coverage is often more affordable than motorcycle insurance. Because scooters are generally limited to roads with lower speed limits, there are often fewer opportunities for crashes. Motorcycles, on the other hand, often travel at high speeds on highways, which can result in more serious damage and injuries if an accident occurs. This does not mean that motorcycle insurance is more important or necessary than scooter insurance, however. Many types of accidents can happen on a scooter, including crashing into another vehicle, losing control due to a pothole or road hazard, hitting a pedestrian, and more.

If you are on your scooter and a collision is your fault, you will want insurance that covers the costs of the damage to other vehicles, injuries to other people, as well as your own injuries and damage to your scooter. For this reason, you want to discuss the most comprehensive policies with your insurance agent to protect yourself on your scooter.

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Scooters can be an economical and environmentally-friendly way to get around town. However, they can be just as expensive as other vehicles if your scooter is damaged in an accident. No matter what type of vehicle you have, you should always discuss the appropriate insurance coverage with an experienced New Jersey insurance agent before you ever start driving the vehicle. Our agents at D’Agostino Insurance Agency have a thorough knowledge of your insurance options for cars, motorcycles, and scooters, so please call today for your free quote.